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2-3 Cells Balance Charger

RM 35.00


7.4 V / 11.1 V lithium battery balance charger, can respectively to 7.4 V and 11.1 V lithium battery, need to pull out in time, can automatically detect the battery voltage for each session, do not need to set manually, plugged in the power light turns red, connection interface, lithium battery and balance charging indicator light green light, when the voltage is close to saturation (more than 4.17 V), the charging indicator light green light is blinking, and put out after the saturation voltage.

Technical parameters
1. The input voltage range: 12-16 v DC
2. Can directly use the 12 v battery charging or another with power adapter and car power adapter (built-in input reverse connect protection).
3. The input current: 1000 mAh;
4. Output current: 800 mah.
5. Rechargeable battery model: 7.4 V and 11.1 V lithium batteries;
6. Specification: 68 *47 *20;
7. Weight: 50g;

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