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Emax Lightning 35A BLHeli ESC

RM 68.00

1. BLHeli_S ESC with Hardware generated PWM synchronous to MCU yields ultra-quiet motor performance.
2. Utilizes high-performance EFM8BB2 50MHz MCU
3. Lightweight: 4.2g = without heatsink & without wires / 5.6g = with heatsink & without wires / 14g = with heatsink and with all wires.
4. Footprint: 32.6*18.0*6.5 (mm)
5. Only supports Damped Light (Active Braking is the only option for BLHeli_S)
6. FW upgradable via signal wire (BLHeli_S HEX needed)
7. Anti-counterfeit code of authenticity
8. Dynamic voltage range - Supports 2S up to 6S Input Voltage (7.4v-25v)
9. Supports Motors with super high KV (EFM8BusyBee 50MHz can handle up to 500k eRPM)
10. Supports 1-2ms signal, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, and Multishot.
11. High-current burst rating
12. High-Resolution Throttle steps (512 to 2048 steps depending on hardware configuration)

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