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GemFan Windancer 5042 3 Blade Propeller - 1 set

RM 12.00


Precise Modeling, Professional Design 
Gemfan designers use 3D modeling software to design the WinDancer SERIES airfoil and blade style. Based on iterative analysis on prop surface pressure, speed rate, lift, drag, torque, airfoil camber, thickness and 20 airfoil optimization, this propeller is perfectly matched with adaptive motors.

Freestyle, Let the drone go with your heart 
WinDancer 5042 has amazing efficiency, outstanding control and fast response when cornering, it is a propeller specially designed for freestyle and indoor race flying. 

Advanced Material , Ultra-durable Blades 
The polycarbonate material is dash-and-bending-resistant and leads to the best efficiency and durability.


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