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Innova Adjustable 25mW-200mW VTX integrated OSD

RM 95.00

- Working Voltage: 5V

- Weight: 5g
- Number of channels: 40
- Specifically Designed for the PIKO BLX with 20x20mm hole to hole platform
- Fully Adjustable 25mW - 200mW VTx Output
- Raceband Ready Frequency Layout
- PID Tuning Capable
- Built In Battery Status Monitoring
- Integrated Flight Timer System
- VTx Channel Configurable via the OSD
- Connector type: UFL
- UFL to SMA female cable included
- RHCP Antenna included
- Piko fc NOT included

1. Suitable for small brushless 110-150 level through the use of machines
2. specially designed for PIKO BLX flight control, 20mm * 20mm hole design, easy to install
3. Figure transmission module power adjustable to 25mw or 200mw, the default shipping is 25mw
4. Integrated MWOSD function
5. Through the remote control joystick with the OSD menu to adjust the map to pass power, channel
6. Use the remote control joystick with OSD to adjust the aircraft PID
7. Figure with Raceband
The default frequency is 5705