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Matek 8 Bit WS2812B RGB 5050 Highlight LED

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  • Brand Name:Matek 
  • Item Name:WS2812B RGB 5050 LED
  • Voltage: about 5V 
  • Ports: Digital
  • Size: 51x10 mm
  • Platform: AVR, Arduino,Naze32 / CC3D Flight Control (need to brush CleanFlight)



  • Built-in controller chip, only need an IO port to control multiple LED
  • Chip built-in shaping circuit,signal distortion is not cumulative, stable display
  • Trichromatic 256 brightness adjustment, scan frequency is not less than 400Hz / S
  • Serial connection-level interface, through a signal line to finish receiving and decoding data
  • Both ends have interfaces (DIN DOUT) that can be cascaded
  • Will show the flight control lock / unlock,left and right aileron, brake, throttle, alarm and other status.



If it is used for Naze32 or CC3D flight control,it need to brushed  CleanFlight, and using PPM receivers.


Used for CC3D flight controller,you should pay attention to the following points:

  • -CC3D need to brushed CleanFlight firmware.
  • -Using PPM / SBUS receiver, you don’t use PWM receiver.
  • -GND 5V DIN behind the lights should connected to CC3D fifth row - + S of the motor output side.
  • -Choosing PPM receiver in the CF's assistant software configuration,then choose LED_STRIP options.
  • -Finally into the CF assistant software LED Strip Page to setup various states.


Package Included:

1x WS2812B RGB 5050 LED

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