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Matek Systems HUBOSD eco H-Type PDB

RM 70.00


The Matek Systems HUBOSD eco H-Type PDB has been engineered to provide the highest performance and reliability in a 46 x 36mm 4-layer PCB.

It is a multifunctional HUB with PDB, BEC ( 5V / 2A, 12V / 500mA ), current sensor and STOSD8. It is intended for the mini FPV quadcopter.

The BEC 12V is a linear regulator, thus, no LC Filter is needed. The built-in STOSD8 supports Plug and Play and does away with complicated settings.


Brand name: Matek

Input voltage: 3 - 5S, DC 8 - 21V

PDB: 4 x 30A ( Max. 4 x 35A )

Regulated 5V and 12V outputs

Current sensor ( 140A )

Built-in STOSD8

- 2oz copper, 4-layer 1.6mm PCB

- 1 x Battery Input, 4 x ESC Output, 2 x BEC 5V Output, 2 x BEC 12V Output

- Camera Signal and GND Pads, Video Transmitter Signal and GND Pads

- 1 x Serial Port ( RX, TX, G )

- Dimensions: 46 x 36 x 4mm

- Weight: 8.5g

- Mounting holes: spacing 30.5mm, diameter 3mm

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