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Xenon Night Strobe Flash Light

RM 26.00

This is a Super Bright Xenon Strobe LED light. Powerful enough to be seen during the day. Best navigatioin lights for air craft or multirotor. This can be connected directly to the receiver port can can be switched on or off via the transmitter. This flashes every 1.2Second.

Good for multirotors as it improves craft orientation.

The majority of die faithful need not worry - you do not see during the day and see the flight navigation lights and troubles, OUR launched xenon strobe light, the perfect solution day to see navigation lights blinking problem

For the convenience of the players wiring problems, the shop has Xenon Strobe Dupont 3P wire to wire, can be directly inserted using a remote control receiver

Instructions for use:
Strobe directly to the load on the positive and negative voltage of 5V, Strobe auto flash, the time interval, the battery voltage and current size, generally 1.2 blinks once.

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